I purchased a car thru a used car dealer and one month later I was laid off -company was really slow-a company i used to work for called me and asked if i wanted my job back- of course i took it. But I took a $12,000/yr pay cut- i struggled with the car payment for one year and then i realized i couldn't do it anymore- so i took the car back to the dealer and i didn't hear anything for one year- now they are garnishing my wages-they never called me at all for a whole year- nothing in the mail- nothing at all.

i would never deal with these people again.

when i had to go in front of the judge-i wasn't even allowed to say anything- the person they had in court representing Thrift Investment Corp- was from a collection agency- didn't even know they had one. No one ever called me - i heard nothing from them!!!!!

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They are thee worsted in the world boycott meet us Saturday @ 4pm Springfield auto in newark on Springfield ave.. class action lawsuit


Do not deal with these people if u have choice! Bad customer service !

And the manager David is a douch . he's rude and disrespectful to customers!

I don't even know how they still in business! Trust me not the people you would want a loan from!


*** *** run company what do you expect.


I'm praying for the employees at Thrift...they are clearly posessed with something....cursing,name calling,threatening,and lieing to customers is just insane..these people are demonic...I have to get a lawyer,It seems as if everyone is having the same problem... If we all join together we could change this...they should be out of business as far as I'm concerned....

Washington, New Jersey, United States #708653

Ok spoke with the lovely Chris and told her to never contact my family members again. They also called my mother, seems if you are late they start calling your reference list.

A reference list is when you apply, FOR REFERENCE, not for bill collections. She was nice enough to tell me, if I ever go over 30 days again then they'll just repossess the car!! Hmmm, unprofessional, inappropriate AND complete lack of compassion for their customers. In these days when people are trying to do their best, there are some of us, but get behind a bit, which can happen to anyone, including a thrift employee, you'd think they'd be willing to treat decent customers with a bit of respect.

I'm assuming they don't teach any client relation skills because after all we are the client who they make extra money on when we pay late.

Without us...hmmm...some Thrift employees could end up in the same position. Karma always comes around.

Iselin, New Jersey, United States #654763

It is a shame that any individual can post a negative comment, whether it be a customer who has been given so many chances to redeem their credit or a disgruntled employee who expected to be paid for doing minimal work. The truth behind every statement posted is that it is either a cutomer or an employee who feels better by blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings.

to employee Absecon, New Jersey, United States #692795

ARE YOU freaking kidding me! When you have Someone likr Chris Elkins as supervisor and telling you that you've been late 13 times and dont know why I.m asking for $20 hand out, I m surprised that bricks have not been thrown at your windows yet.

It s funny how you people get greedy when thecustomer is 2 payments away from owing their car. At that time, you guys leave threatening messages, send out yow companies, and insult us when we call and aggravated.

You! People should call it Ghetto Infesting corp!

to All Paid Off Iselin, New Jersey, United States #705562

I guess it takes a *** from the Ghetto to know what ghetto is. Keep on slummin ***!!

to employee Washington, New Jersey, United States #708568

Well mine is not blaming anyone for anything, just stating how unprofessional the actions of Thrift can be to actually contact someones child. In reference to your stated word "shortcomings" there are people struggling trying to do what they can, "shortcomings" would be an inappropriate word, again showing a lack of professionalism on Thrifts part. You have only confirmed Thrifts "shortcomings."

to Anonymous #757839

Once again, dont' make your problems the finance companies problem, you signed a contract for the priviledge of borrowing money. The use of the word "shortcomings" is appropriate.

to appreciative customer #1099242

haha what do you expect when dealing with this type of lender!!!you already have bad credit otherwise you would deal with a regular bank not charging 18%! get to work and pay your loans on time!!!!

to employee #776451

This is the problem with this country when people are having issues paying there bills they always look for a hand out. If you are not paying your bill and can not pay your bill every financial company due what they have to get there money.

If you don't pay your NOTE every month you will you lose your ride. Pay your Bill and stop ***.

to employee Union City, New Jersey, United States #1252052

Karma-- it will get you


Worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. If I wasnt in an accident and lost my job because I had no car then YES I WOULD BE PAYING!

My attitude is a reflection of you calling me and harrasing me telling me I'm going to have no way to get a car loan. HOW ABOUT YOU SHOVE IT! :( I will never deal with them again and I suggest nobody else does either! Go somewhere else if you have to.

Take a taxi or a bus before you ever go through thrift investment! They are disrespectful workers and should be shut down!!!!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #597993

Thrift Investments in the WORST WORST WORST WORST company I have ever had to deal with :( :( :( !!!!!! Their customer service employees are VERY unprofessional and should not be working with people.

I called to ask a question about my loan payment the representative was very rude and condescending. When I questioned to why he was so rude he flipped out on me and told me " TO PAY MY *** BILL " And hung up. I called back to speak to a supervisor an she supported her representative 100% and said that his comment was NOT inappropriate .She also said that she was sitting right next to her representative and she did not see anything wrong with what he did.

They are ALL disrespectful and should not be working with the public. :upset :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I'm sorry to hear of everyone's problems, but as for the company threatening to sue you, they have every right to. As for those that turned in the cars under "voluntary repossession".....did you get a receipt stating such?

and did you do research prior to doing that? What that means is that they're allowed to sue you for the difference between your original sale price & what they ultimately re-sold the car for. INCLUDING what the price would have been with your interest charges had you fulfilled the contract. It's not only Thrift.

It's ANY finance company. While they should have better customer service, what they do is not illegal by any means. If you have car repair problems, it's not the finance company's issue. Take it up with the dealer and ask them to work with you on repairs if you didn't get a warranty.

You can't expect a finance company to wait for their money because you have to make repairs to the vehicle.

Adult life doesn't work that way. I've financed two vehicles through Thrift & plan to finance a third if need be since my ex wife screwed up my credit.


This company is a nightmare....My son bought his car through a dealer that got him a loan through Thrift Investments. He is Learning disabled, so most of the time I had to pay his bills for him and speak to Thrift for him.

He was humiliated and called a retard by the customer service depattment for not being able to talk for himself. He works very hard and only brings home a minimal wage. So every penny counts to him. At one point he had a temporary layoff at work, and was unable to pay on time.I called to let them know that he would be paying a little late So they came to reposes his car.

I was there when they started to tow it away and told them that I would give them a payment from my own pocket. They told me the car would be towed to Thrift in Edison NJ and I should bring the check there. So I drove to Thrift, 45 miles away, and they told me they impounded the car and it was at another location. I would have to wait until they contacted the Repossession company before I could get it back.

It took a week and numerous calls. My son lost another weeks work. Plus had to pay the toe bill and other charges.

He finally finished paying off the car and I just got off the phone with them looking for his Title which he never received.

Again they where nasty and belligerent. They ruined my sons credit by putting a repossession on his report and also put it on my husbands who cosigned for him.

IIf I do not receive the Title within a week I will sue for breech of contract and anything else I can sue for. How are these people allowed to stay in business?


They also gave out my personal information and threatned to take my car when i have always paid my note. I have called an attorney and filed a compliant with the better business bureu and civil rights unit in NJ

to Joey #787069

I plan to do the same thing the service was horrible they even left a disturbing message saying that they couldn't wait to put a fat repo on my credit...I see a lot of complaints if we stick together we could all sue them...


Never deal with Thrift! They are liars, cheats and completely unscrupulous.

I am a business owner. They are pure evil.

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