this company is full of *** they rip the poor off like we *** even though "we" need to finance at times these people need to treat us with respect we giving our money to them that's exactly why we need more minorities to own instead of giving our money the "MAN". "WE" need to stick together and kept our money in the hood.

i dislike all of them and will smack the white off of ANY one that works from them WORD!

BITHCES! ESPECIALLY PAT I'LL turn her into a hooker probably wouldn't get s:( wrinkle *** flat booty

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #1342948

City National Bank-New JerseyBank15.6 mi Newark, NJ(973) 624-0865BLACK Owned Baby


There used to be a very nice woman there who was helpfull. She is gone.

Was replaced by a dude Sal who after making arrangements went and cancelled the autopayments and then sent the repo people after me. I have found a Class action suit on these folks I am thinking on join it.


They are careless and irresponsable. Putting my money in the wrong account.


I was also scammed by Thrift. I made two (2) car payments because I don't work in the summer.

Next thing you know they called me 3 weeks later talking about not receiving my payments. So, I immediately went to the post office to trace down my money orders by getting a tracer on it. I must remind you that Thrift was harrazing me all the time for this time period. I spent well over $22.00 in faxes and the check tracers.

When I received my check trazer from the actual money order company back in a week, it said that someone had cashed it and there was no signature or stamp on it.

Come to find out, someone from Thrift had cashed and put the money in a diffrent account. I feel as though I deserve compensation or some kind of refund.


I too have a loan with Thrift. Even though I am on time, NEVER have I met people more rude, disrepectful and arrogant. I bought a clean older car (02 Deville with low miles) that couldn't be financed anywhere else.

Apparently, they think everyone that finances thru them are dirt bags and treat them that way. They screwed up a payment withdrawal from my bank and tried to blame me.



hey im in your side but my problems its more serious because they stole my truck even if my truck was pay on time. i park my truck on my uncle block

on nov 21 in the afternoon and the next day my truck wasnt there.

the first i just think is was my bank maybe im missing a payment. i call them and ask if i had any miss payment. and they tell me no all my payment are ok so ok i hang up. and i call my uncle and he just say he heard a towing truck outside but he was to tire to wake up and see whats happend outside.

so im like ok let me call again the bank and ask again . this is the funny part . when i call them again hey did i missing a payment or you guy having any error or call any repo because my uncle just tell me a towing truck was outside that night towing a car. they just told me hey call the insurance maybe they have you car .

and i am like "what are you serious" they tell me yeah sometime happend.

i hang up the call and another neibor tell me he saw a towing truck picking up my truck be they lefther go because its was to late to findout where im living.so im like ohh ok lets me findout by my selft whats going on and i search on internet and they having alot of complanint about ilegal reposition . but the kool thing is this i work for the goverment and in my truck i had my batch when they find out its gonna be too late for them lol.

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